We assist taxpayers who have delinquent returns, have received notices from the IRS, are under audit/examination, and have outstanding tax liabilities.

Assisting taxpayers with getting back into tax compliance, filing past due returns, responding to IRS notices, handling audits & examinations and managing outstanding tax liabilities.

With the IRS becoming ever more efficient at identifying inaccurate tax filers and non-filers, the number of accounts in collection with the IRS have increased dramatically.  By the end of 2016, approximately 14 million taxpayer accounts were in IRS collections.  We assist taxpayers who are facing IRS notices and examinations with navigating this complex, often intimidating audit process.


While notices received from the IRS regarding additional assessments or potential changes to an already filed return can be jarring and scary, oftentimes they are a result of a computer mismatch or missed informational return.  We assist taxpayers in identifying the cause of the notice, and take the necessary steps to correct the issue.


Taxpayers who fail to file returns are subject to substantial penalties and interest, calculated up to the date they file the past due returns.  This makes it imperative that delinquent returns are filed as soon as possible.  We assist taxpayers in not only filing these past due returns, but engaging in historical, often forensic accounting/bookkeeping to ensure that their tax liability is minimized, but still defensible and accurate.


The prospect of an IRS examination can be daunting, but we represent taxpayers before the Examination Division of the IRS with the goal of ensuring their position is defended and any additional tax assessment, penalties and interest are minimized.  We can provide assistance in proving the accuracy of your returns through documentation and activity reconstruction, if necessary.


For taxpayers with outstanding tax liabilities to the IRS, we can help determine if there are any potential options to assist in the repayment of those debts.  Strategies such as installment agreements, offers-in-compromise, penalty abatement and uncollectible status are all options that can be employed with varying success, given the particular facts-and-circumstances of each case.


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